Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Gangapur City Navratri mela special train from Agra to 31

Kaila Devi Fair held in Karauli Given the convenience of passengers to the Railway Administration Idgah station of Agra to Gangapur City Navratri special train has been started from Monday. The train will run March 31. Kumar, Sr. DCM Sudhircndra Navratri special train left at 6 pm and earnest day of Idgah, Dumria, Hindaun City, Sri Mahaveer ji, Khandeep by Piloda to Gangapur City night came at 10:15. Gangapur City off the train to return 11 pm and 3.45 pm to arrive early Idgah. Return the same route as the train passes, the route will come from. Will stay there.

Jai Kaila Devi

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